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STAT is a traffic statistics system which conducts regular monitoring and statistic analysis on the operation data of BTSs and switches, equipment usage and equipment load. It can help users to know the operation status of the whole network and effectively evaluate the service quality of their networks, help maintainers to find where problems locate and the reasons of problems, and provide a sound basis for network planning and optimization.


- Comprehensive statistical items (more than 100 items on BTS, core switch, and other equipment);
- Flexible and customized view of statistic items;
- Automatic export of daily reports and regular reports of statistic items;
- Various statistic strategies (support continuous statistics, averaged statistics of a certain period, and statistic comparison of designated periods);
- Multi-angle statistic view (support curve graph, area chart and accumulative area chart);
- Support various statistic methods: maximizing, minimizing, averaging, and totaling.



Performance parameters

- Maximum number of accessed BTSs: 1,000;
- Maximum number of accessed SAGs: determined by the number of BTSs under the SAGs;
- Maximum number of online users: 20;
- Maximum number of exported KPIs in reports: 249;
- Maximum number of FTP addresses: 10.

Physical parameters

- Hardware platform: universal server;
- Server memory: ≥32G;
- Environment temperature: 0 ~ 45℃;
- Environment humidity: 5% RH~85% RH;
- System availability: ≥99. 9997%;
- MTBF: ≥150,000 hours;
- MTTR: ≤ 0.5 hour;
- Architecture type: only support BS architecture;
- Time for exporting a report: < one minute;
- Log storage time: three hours;
- Response time for log query: <15 seconds.





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